Enlightenment How? The Lies and Evasions of Steven Pinker - Douglas Sczygelski

Enlightenment How? The Lies and Evasions of Steven Pinker

By Douglas Sczygelski

  • Release Date: 2018-05-13
  • Genre: Science & Nature
  • Size: 101.18 KB

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Author Douglas Sczygelski argues that Steven Pinker's recent bestseller, "Enlightenment Now" is both dishonest and ridiculous. Pinker says we can solve the global warming problem, but never discusses how we might find the political will to do so. He argues that we need to fight global warming by building a huge number of nuclear power plants, but never explains why liberal politicians and pundits have not endorsed this idea. He argues that we don't need Christianity to make people behave morally, because, in his opinion, proper moral behavior is simply logical, but ignores the overwhelming evidence that proper moral behavior is definitely NOT logical. Anyone who picks up a newspaper can see that people can and do benefit themselves by acting like rotten scoundrels. Look at the way Steve Jobs became a billionaire by paying slave wages to his workers in China, just to name one example.