Ignite Your Life: Health and Fitness Advice For the One You Love - Mickey Hadick

Ignite Your Life: Health and Fitness Advice For the One You Love

By Mickey Hadick

  • Release Date: 2013-05-20
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
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Do you realize that you control the factors that have the greatest impact on your quality of life? “Ignite Your Life!” will:

* Help you eat more nutritious food, exercise more effectively, find more time for enjoyment, and get started with the rest of your life.

* Show you how to feel better throughout your day, sleep better in the night, and enjoy your time with friends and family.

* Explains the essential elements of brain health, motivation, nutrition, and exercise that will help you improve the quality of your life.

Written in a workbook style to engage and assist you from the first chapter, Ignite Your Life! helps you adjust your attitude, fix your broken processes, and improve your habits so that the benefits are immediately realized. Read this book, embrace its lessons, and you will improve your quality of life.

The standard American diet, starch-dominated and loaded with salt and sugar, places most Americans on a consumption cycle that leads to greater cravings even as the number of calories skyrockets. Sugar in the blood is actually toxic, and the body uses insulin to control it. But that leads to more hunger, and the cycle repeats.

Combined with the labor-saving devices of modern society, and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, that sugar has no where to go but in our storage system: body fat.

But there’s hope.

Movement improves your brain functions, joints, and digestion. Consistent activity can help stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduce the insulin cycle that stores energy as fat.

Would you like to feel better in every aspect of your life? Would you like to feel younger, look better, and live longer? You probably know what you should be doing to take care of yourself, but so many fad diets use gimmicks that they forgo lasting change. Meanwhile, the onslaught of fast food, processed meals, and a rush-around lifestyle make it difficult to sustain the benefits. Still you probably want to be fitter, trimmer, and sleep better, all of which are the result of a healthier lifestyle.

Mickey Hadick, writes and speaks on fitness, nutrition, finance, and brain health. Now he has created “Ignite Your Life!” to help people improve their quality of life.